MossLake.jpgMoss Creek Lake was originally constructed in 1938 by the City of Big Spring with help from the Army Corp of Engineers as a surface water source. The water surface of the lake became an asset of the Colorado River Municipal Water District when the City helped form the District in 1947. Currently the water is pumped from E.V. Spence Reservoir to Moss Creek Lake and then transferred to the CRMWD transmission system. Not only does Moss Creek Lake provide water for Howard County and several surrounding counties, it also serves as a recreational facility.

The City of Big Spring is proud to offer approximately 400 acres at Moss Lake for recreational use. Moss Creek Lake offers 26 sheltered campsites as well as 2 large pavilions available for reservation. These pavilions are equipped with electricity and well suited for family reunions, company picnics or any other large outing.

Recreational activities at Moss Lake include a playground, paintball course, dirt bike course and a beach swimming area. The RV Park and campground offers both full hook-up (includes water, sewer, and electricity) and half hook-up (water and electricity). A dump station is also provided. Overnight camping by permit is allowed throughout the facility. Moss Lake is open from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily.

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Entry permit fee
$3.00/day entry fee per vehicle. Plus .50 per person not to exceed $5.00.
Children 12 years of age or under and persons 65 years of age or older are free.

(Entry permit expires at 10:00 PM on the day of issue)

Camping fee
$9.00/day per vehicle
(Permit expires at 12:00 PM on the following day)


RV full hook-up
$15.00/day for full hook up (Water, Sewer, & Electricity)
(Permit expires at 12:00 PM on the following day) 


RV Hook-Up
$12.00/day  (Water and electricity only)
(Permit expires at 12:00 PM on the following day)

Boat / Jet Ski Launch Permit
$ 2.00/day per vessel - In addition to any other use permit required
(Permit expires at the same time of any other permit purchased)

Motorcycle Course
$5.00/day per motorbike - In addition to any other use permit required
(Permit expires at the same time of any other permit purchased)

Yearly Permit
$100.00/year which includes day entry permit, boat launch, and camping.
(Limited to immediate family members residing in same household.)
The annual permit shall be effective for one (1) calendar year from date of purchase and must be available for the review by Moss Lake personnel when requested. This permit allows entry of a vehicle and an attached trailer or camper. Any additional vehicles are required to obtain an additional permit.

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