Large Item Pickup Suspended until further notice

Large Item Pickup is a service provided by the City of Big Spring to assist the elderly and persons without a means of hauling large items to the landfill or compost to be disposed of. The City will pick up large items from one district per month beginning with District 1 on March 26th and continue until districts have been picked up.

Dates for Large Item Pickup

Suspended until further notice:

Depending on seal coating these dates could change.

Large Item Pickup Information

  1. You must call 432-264-2504 to be put on the list or your items WILL NOT be picked up.
  2. Items to be picked up must be set out on the curb as close to the street as possible.
  3. Keep items off of and away from water or gas meters.
  4. Do not place items under electrical high line wires. Items are picked up using large equipment and they cannot get to items if they are placed under electrical lines.
  5. Separate items as much as possible i.e. metal and lumber.
  6. Prohibited Items – no tires, hazardous materials, car batteries, tree limbs. If you have a question about an item, call 264-2504 for clarification.
  7. If you have items you would like to have picked up but are physically unable to get them to the curb, please call 264-2504 for assistance.
  8. Large Item Pickup starts in March and goes through September. We will skip July do to Seal Coating.
  9. There will be no out of district pickups.
  10. Code Enforcement will work in conjunction with Large Item Pickup and concentrate all officers in that area. During that District’s month, offenses will be given the entire month to cooperate. At the end of this month any non-compliance will be issued a citation.
    An extension of what can be picked up will be done this year. Property owners without the means of removing some items from their property will receive additional help. If there are items that cannot be removed by the property owner a release will need to be signed for anything that is not on the curb or alley. (These releases will be done through Code Enforcement).
  11. Woodchips will be provided in these districts for citizens that have a need for them. DMR lots will be utilized in the area to stockpile these woodchips.
  12. Code Enforcement will coordinate with the Streets department to address any alleys that are in need of repair or that are in need of cleanup. Property owners will then be notified in writing of their responsibilities to the center of the alley.