Travelers travele

By ylq on 6/6/2019 1:09 AM

Travelers traveled all over the country and looked at life. But still keep going [url=]Marlboro Red[/url]. No destination. Others said that he was like the passenger of Lu Xun's pen, walking in the grave, never stopping. But the passengers always feel wrong. He is not a passenger, but a passenger, as a passenger, there is nothing. Travelers have always insisted on speaking to others. Then, one day, a child looked up and asked the passenger: "Why are you going to keep going?" "Because I am a passenger." "What about passengers? You are still you!" If this story and others If the story is the same, then the passenger should be greatly shaken and no longer walk. Then get a job to settle down in the city and have children. Children grow up, work, and give birth to their children. Generations and generations are rooted here, like woody plants, with roots developed. But the passenger just shook his head with a smile. He is not the plants, just a duckweed. Along the way, too many people asked him this way. It��s not a passer-by, nor a king who wants to wake up in Andersen��s pen. He chases, or is looking for. A dream as a passenger can also be considered ideal and exists in the young body. Then the passenger is old. He felt some tiredness that represented danger, like poisonous grass, growing wildly. Travelers began to doubt themselves and hated themselves. After all, he is not a wise man, and it is already a miracle to be able to persist. However, the voice in the passenger's heart has been urging him: "Go, go, go and pursue." Once he listened to this voice, chasing. But what the unknown is, the voice did not tell him. The traveler didn't want to look any further. He traveled all over the corner of the world and even went to the highest point of Mount Everest. He doesn't want to waste more on this curiosity. When the passenger is old, he feels that he needs a house, a sum of money, and others. He did this. So the passenger moved into an apartment in the city, only he was alone. Gradually, he panicked, lonely, moldy, stinky, like the rotten mushrooms on the corner of the city. Passenger, no. Already unable to call him a passenger, he is an old man. The old man wants to stand up and continue to travel. But he was shocked to find that the voice was gone. The old man eventually died in loneliness. The body was found in the apartment for four days before it was discovered. At that time, the whole house was filled with rotten interest. Then he was pushed into the crematorium in the suburbs [url=]Cigarettes For Sale[/url], and the ashes slowly fluttered with the wind to reach every place he traveled. On that day, another new passenger set off. The rhythm of life slows down, it becomes slow, slow, so sit still in this shallow time [url=]Newport Cigarettes Coupons[/url], open the curtain of memory, think about those people or things, it is also a great pastime. The rare lunch break can fall asleep, and today I smell the flowers, I actually took a nap for a while. That is, in the gap of this moment [url=]Marlboro Gold[/url], I saw the mountain of the dragonfly. There is a purple flower sea under the mountain. There is a blue dress in the sea [url=]Newport Cigarettes[/url], and then there is a breeze blowing, and the long skirt is ups and downs. A floating aroma of awakening wakes me up in my dreams. When I woke up with my sleepy eyes, I was busy looking at the lily of my desk. It was so beautiful in bloom, like a quiet woman in a world of good things, beautiful not to eat the fireworks, and beautiful. It��s not that this fragrance has broken into the heart, so that the woman in this small space is quietly enjoying the full aroma and looks even more a woman. People say that a woman who loves to dream is always beautiful, because with beautiful feelings, she will have a beautiful dream. Yes, dreams have always been, and the calculations are beautiful, because the imagination is in the future, so it seems to be far away. I think one day, I can find a small town at the foot of the mountain, choose a simple cottage, and live on the river. I want to have a flower field in front of my hut, a fruit forest in the back, white clouds on the top, cooking smoke. There are lovers in the trip, there are cats and dogs at the feet; I want to build a group of good neighbors, talk about the world in my spare time, live the simplest life! This is the ultimate dream. When people are in middle age, they are nostalgic. They have been staying in the city for a long time. They think that one day they can stay away from the hustle and bustle and return to the childhood life in their childhood. I hope that it will become a reality at your fingertips.
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