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To establish water and sanitation service in the City of Big Spring, applicants must apply in person at The City of Big Spring Water Office located in the Polly Mays Annex at 501 Runnels, Big Spring, Texas 79720. Office hours are Monday thru Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.  Applicants must be eighteen (18) years of age or older, present a valid photo ID, and present a valid lease agreement or proof of purchase for the service address.


Residential Service      $50.00
Commercial                $75.00

Deposits must be paid at the time of application.  There is a $7.50 service activation fee that will be applied to the first month's bill.

Residential Application
Commercial Account Application

Charges for Water Rates
All persons supplied with water by the City of Big spring, unless other wise stipulated under separate contract, will be billed for water service, inside city limits, at the following monthly rates:

Meter Size             Base Rate

5/8"                      $30.00
1"                         $35.00
2"                         $40.00
3"                         $90.00
4"                         $115.00
6"                         $165.00
8"                         $215.00
10"                       $265.00
12"                       $315.00

Usage Rate

Residential, Inside City Limits Per 1000 gallons used
0-2,000 gallons $1.50
3,000-10,000 gallons $3.75
11,000-20,000 gallons $4.50
21,000-50,000 gallons $4.75
Over 50,000 gallons $5.00
Commercial, Inside City Limits Per 1000 gallons used 
0-50,000 gallons      $3.75
51,000-100,00 gallons $4.20
>100,000 gallons $4.50

Sewer Service

Base Rate $13.00 per month                     
Sewer Rate (90% per 1000 gallons used) $1.50
Base Rate $20.00 per month
Sewer Rate (90% per 1000 gallons used)


Sanitation Service
Residential Base Rate                                              $19.10/month
*Commercial Rates are based on container size and frequency of collection.

Environmental Fee                                                $1.25/month
This fee is applied to all accounts that have sanitation service.

Transfer Fee                                                                $15.00  
Transfer service requests must be submitted, in person, to the Water Billing Office.

Utility Contact Numbers

Big Spring Water Department Customer Service
501 Runnels Street
Big Spring, Texas 79720
Phone:  (432) 264-2542
Fax:  (432) 264-2527

Office Hours:  Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

City of Big Spring Sanitation Department
4100 East FM 700
Big Spring, Texas 79720
(432) 264-2378
Fax (432) 264-2375

If you have a water emergency, please call the Utiilty Maintenance Department at (432) 264-2392.

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