Traffic Signs and Signals

City of Big Spring 
Public Works Department

310 Nolan Street
Big Spring, Texas 79720
(432) 264-2501

The City of Big Spring Public Works department performs various aspects of maintaining the City's traffic signs and signals.  Activities include installing and maintaining all informational, warning, and regulatory signs; replacing stolen or worn out signs; and replacing signs that have been knocked down.  Traffic signs and signals require cleaning, checking for visibility during the daytime, checking for reflectivity during the nighttime, and straightening, as needed, due to wind.

 Concern  Contact
 To report a malfunctioning or damaged traffic signal

 Contact Public Works at (432) 264-2501 or

If EMERGENCY, call Police Dispatch
 at (432) 264-2550.

 To request a new traffic sign or signal  Contact Public Works at (432) 264-2501 or
 Report blown down, vandalized or missing traffic signs

 Contact Public Works at (432) 264-2501

 If your call is regarding a STOP sign and it is
 after normal business hours, please call Police Dispatch
 (432) 264-2550.



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